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Welcome to Collectible Radios

Antique Radios can add a nostalgic feeling to any area.  The designs of vintage radios can range from simplistic to elaborate with a wide variety in between.  Antique wooden radios were available in a variety of shades and kinds of woods from a blonde shade to an almost black shade.  Plastic vintage radios were available in almost every color in the rainbow.  Collectible radios now consist of wooden tube radios, plastic tube radios, transistor radios, and even the novelty radios used to promote anything from cans of oil to food products, from mascots and logos to cartoon characters, the style is limitless.

The following pages of antique radios will show the brand name, model number, color, era that was produced, the weight and dimensions, as well as the condition the radio is in.  We have included numerous pictures of all sides of the collectible radios available and any flaws that we find. 

All collectible radios and products are sold as is and are only 1 available unless states otherwise.  All vintage radios have been tested for sound and are in working order.  The condition of the antique radios are original unless otherwise noted.

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